Thursday, April 25, 2013 1:26 PM

Ongoing Thoughts on Disruptors

"Psssst...your Braille Sun-Dial Watch doesn't work indoors."

Greetings, Klingons.   Nothing serious or critical or important.  So, it's like always?!?!?

I found an interesting photo to the new Trek movie:

Look at the lines on this Klingon pistol-- they seem awfully similar to parts of the TOS

Sonic Disruptor Pistol:

Curious, isn't it?

Even though I have more TOS Disruptor Pistols than I can hold at one time, I've gone ahead and written to ARSENAL MODELS for information on their new disruptors.  Several of you have already ordered from Arsenal.

It's about holding pistols that got me writing.  HOLSTERS.   Here's one picture showing a metal spring clip screwed into the left side of a pistol:

I've used plastic holsters for these fine guns, but over time and with use they break.  I've gone over to metal holsters, and with their sturdy build and no moving parts, they're the best.

Our TOS KLINGON SUNDAYS are working out well; the pistols add a great sense of Menace to "The Look"; carrying the blaster around in your hand isn't preferred, and for some conventions, are rather difficult to "peace-bond"!!

I had the notion of shoulder-holster rigs for those little Franklin Mint TOS disruptors.  Any of you "out there" have solutions for holstering TOS blasters?   ALSO, what's your preference:

      STRONG-SIDE CARRY?                or...               CROSS-DRAW CARRY?